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VYPER is afamily-owned company with two brothers at the helm.Founded in 2018, we kept a promise to keep American Made Products at our forefront.

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    Vyper Industries is a high-end chair manufacturer. From their present shop, they came to us for a redesign and optimization. Bootstrap 5.0 was used to build the theme from the ground up, and the functionality was derived from another website.

    **We do not own the rights to the design but the full development of the site.

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    Some additional features were added to the custom theme by Vyper Industries, which included their branding kit. They wanted the highlighted items cards to have rounded edges and drop shadows, among other things. Because the vast majority of their consumers use mobile devices, it was critical that the homepage and product pages be mobile-friendly.

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    In order to make their website more user friendly, we included sliders and made it easier to browse on mobile devices.
    Line item characteristics allow us to add a custom picture uploader to the product page.

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    On mobile was one of the most unique features, as it involved a lot of time and effort to allow only on mobile a unique menu slider that was different than on desktop view.
    On their product page, we made the fonts extra small to cater to their customer audience and greyscale the product descriptions for a cleaner UI/UX design.

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