Our Story

Founded in November of 2020, EcomGraduates LLC is owned by Glen & Ellie. 

Ellie Pearl is the co-founder /owner of EcomGradutes. With Glen, she has been working in eCommerce for five years in the same position.

Ellie did not get started on the design, administration, and delegation tasks immediately.

Ellie began her professional career while completing high school with Summa Cum Laude in Illinois, and then went on to pursue her job as a chef at Johnston and Wales University in Rhode Island. She received an Associates degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Sports Entertainment and Event Management.  

Throughout college and high school, she was taught managerial skills and how to organize groups and events. She also excelled as a tennis player, which she continued to do after her grueling internship experience. Now for the good part: she and Glen collaborated to construct a firm that was both creative and profitable. She brought her design abilities to the table, and Glen brought his expertise in development and community building to the table, and they built something really remarkable.

Glen Pearl is the co-founder /owner of EcomGradutes.  Glen Pearl has been involved in the development industry since he was 15 years old. He became interested in computers at an early age, and went on to start  three businesses in the same industry, which included creating forums and expanding communities.  During his research, Glen Pearl learned that he really like developing API endpoints. He also discovered Shopify Api, which was a game changer for him. 

The moment Glen learned about Shopify, he was excited about the prospect of opening an eCommerce company. However, he quickly found how much more he preferred developing code than actually selling items.

We have a genuine belief in our customers, and we aim to give them the finest service possible. Having satisfied customers is crucial to us, and effective communication is essential to having a successful business.

As a result of our primary emphasis on customer relations and quality control on every product/service we deliver, we never anticipated to perform as well as we did.

EcomGraduates has ambitious plans for the  year of 2022, including the development of applications, themes, and custom builds.

We are passionate about what we do, and on behalf of EcomGraduates, we would like to express our gratitude.