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Ecomify | Simplifying Ecommerce

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Ecomify - Simplifying Ecommerce

Experience the power of Ecomify, the sleek and modern Shopify theme that offers everything you need to showcase and sell your products online with ease.

Ecomify: Powering Online Retail Growth

Full Control

Design your dream store with ease using Ecomify - no coding experience necessary! Customize every aspect of your online store to your exact specifications and watch your business thrive.

Minimal Apps

Ecomify has everything you need to run a successful online store - all in one theme. Say goodbye to cluttered apps and hello to a streamlined, efficient business.

Not Just A Theme

Ecomify comes with top-notch support to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed. Let us be your partner in building a thriving online business.

Attention To Detail

We believe that the little things make all the difference. That's why we've paid close attention to every detail in our theme ensuring that every aspect of your online store looks and functions beautifully.

Ecomify -  Simplifying Ecommerce

Streamlining the ecommerce experience for effortless success.

Ecomify: Mobile-first design then desktop

Ecomify puts mobile first, ensuring that your online store looks and functions beautifully on any device. Keep your customers engaged and coming back for more with our mobile-optimized theme.

Ecomify's dark theme- Shop in style

Ecomify is proud to offer a sleek and sophisticated dark theme for your online store. Our dark theme offers a unique and modern look that will set your store apart from the competition.

Not only is it visually appealing, but it's also easy on the eyes and can be easier to read in certain lighting conditions. Plus, with Ecomify's customization options, you can easily adjust the colors and branding elements to match your specific aesthetic. Stand out with Ecomify's dark theme and create an online store that truly reflects your brand.

Optimized For SEO

With Ecomify, you can expect to achieve the highest possible Google scores thanks to its advanced features such as expanded rich snippet support, semantic usage of HTML tags, and complete compatibility with Shopify's native SEO functionality.

Additionally, Ecomify offers even more capabilities to enhance your online store's visibility and search engine rankings.

Not All Themes Are Created Equal

How We Compare

EcomGraduates LLC




Section Groups (New)
Bundle Builder (Unique to us)
One-Time / Subscriptions
Frequently Bought Together
Quantity Break
Dark Mode
Lightening Fast
Mobile-First Design
Upsells / Cross Sells
Sticky Add To Cart
Newsletter PopUp
Custom Swatches
Animations On Scroll
Infinite Scrolling
Lazy Load
Cart Drawer
Mega Menu
Advanced filters
Stock countdown
Free shipping goal
Sticky add-to-cart

Why Is Ecomify Faster?

A theme that guarantees speed and performance optimization without any required modifications from you. Ecomify is developed to deliver lightning-fast performance, maximizing your online store's efficiency, and boosting your revenue.

Fewer Server Requests

Optimize speed without added apps slowing you down

Image Optimization

Ensuring that images will no longer slow down your site, as they are served in optimized quality

Javascript Queries

Minimizing Javascript DOM queries by using only unique IDs and skipping over unnecessary elements

Easy Integrations

Allows for more functions without sacrificing site performance

Latest Shopify

Always on the cutting-edge of Shopify, now with section groups

Data Driven

Design backed by data for ultimate reliability

Support Is Key

Top priority to ensure that our customers are satisfied and their issues are resolved

Clean Code

Ensuring cross-browser compatibility by adhering to the latest coding standards

It's A 3 Step Process

  • Dark Mode
  • Border Radius Controls
  • Blogs
  • Annoucement Bar
  • Cards with image
  • Contact Form
  • MP4 Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Shopify 2.0
  • Cross Sells
  • Upsells on search
  • Product Reviews Integration
  • Product Badges
  • Custom Trust Badges
  • FAQ page
  • Recommended Products
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Animations on scroll

  • Animations
  • Custom Color Swatches
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Shopfiy 2.0
  • Product Size Chart
  • Dark Mode
  • MP4 video
  • YouTube Video
  • Parallax Image
  • Collection Next/ Previous Product
  • Product Accordion Tabs
  • Carousel
  • Accordion Footer

  • Product Breadcrumbs
  • Collection Next/Previous Product
  • Predictive Search
  • Search With Upsell
  • Search By Collections, Pages, Blogs
  • Slide Out Cart With Upsells
  • Product Upsells
  • Advanced Collection Filtering
  • Recently Reviewed
  • Mega Menu

  • Slide Out Cart
  • Cart Free Shipping Threshold
  • Cart Upsells
  • Cart Notes
  • Cart Payment Icons
  • Recommended Products

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Version 1.0.0
January 2nd, 2023

[NEW] Quantity Break feature in the product form 
Product form input qty should have plus/minus buttons
Added Option to disable animations on scroll 
Product form input qty should have plus/minus buttons 
Lazy load vendor styles, wherever it is possible 
Main content get faded when navbar dropdowns get opened 
Small fixes for color swatches in product list items 
No option to disable newsletter section 
Added color option for demo purposes 
Various small fixes

Version 2.0.0
January 21, 2023

[HOT] Bundle Builder - new feature
[HOT] Support for Purchase Options (Subscription option)
Swatches in product list items must obey to text-align setting The newsletter popup should have the placeholder image when first installed
The featured Products section should have a collection set
Support for Shop Pay Installments
Size buttons inside collection filters can be styled as buttons
Swatches popover does not init after ajax change on the collection page and recommended products section Container settings for various sections/templates
Hover the setting along with the current image gallery for product list items, users can choose
Cards section issues with dark bg colors
Dark theme issues mobile menu and close buttons in modal
Structured Data Support for the F.A.Q section
Latest Articles section
Switch to section groups
Color swatches helper file generator feature
Various small fixes and further improvements in the code
Recharge Compatibility

Version 3.0.0

Icon Blocks
Fix hover when single image
License system
Hover option for navbar menu items (only if accessibility is in place)
Product items review badges within a snippet
Megamenu alignment with few columns


Mobile Speed


Desktop Speed





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