Project Honey Bee

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    Project Honey Bee is a very well-established business that focuses on customer relations through selling bee accessories. With every purchase, you are about to adopt a bee as well. We have developed a back-end system through an API that allows them to adopt a bee with every purchase and rotate bee descriptions.

    **We did not design the store - but developed custom features such as the cart upsells and back end adopt a bee API and custom bundle.

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    Through the API and hosting on EcomGraduates server, we are able to generate at random different results when customers adopt a bee. They are able to see the bee, descriptions, and a certificate of adoption as well.
    This client really wanted to customize and make each order special which is one of the reasons why Honey Bee is doing so well, they know their market and know what they need to brand it.

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    Our custom Shopify themes are always built from the ground up using a platform called Bootstrap 5.0. It is mobile responsive and creates for a strong UI/UX design. We write clean code for every section we develop to achieve the best speed on GTMetrix and PingDom.

    As for Honey Bee, they did not come to us for a speed optimization, rather functionality and deveolopment.

    **These metrics are calculated at project launch, we cannot guarantee the integrity of project performance after it has been handed off.


Project Honey Bee


Bee accessories and adoption