Aura Essentials

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    Aura Pms came to us with a design style that was similar to row, but with a few more sophisticated capabilities that were only accessible on mobile devices rather than desktop computers.
    This is a stunning conversion theme that is ideal for reducing cramping.

    **We do not own the rights to the design. We were hired to take the design and build it on Boostrap 5.0

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    Aura Pms was a Figma design that we were able to make a reality. We take great pride in our ability in developing and converting a design from Figma or Sketch to a web-based version of the design. The Product page is designed in the same style and with the same functionality as the Roe Wellness website, and it has been meticulously constructed.

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    The Aura Pms product page was the most complicated since it had both mobile and desktop parts, which we had to create. In addition to using a light purple color over all pages, the manner they displayed the material was excellent.

Speed Performance

On mobile was one of the most unique features, as it involved a lot of time and effort to allow only on mobile a unique menu slider that was different than on desktop view.
On their product page, we made the fonts extra small to cater to their customer audience and greyscale the product descriptions for a cleaner UI/UX design.


Aura Essentials