DIVI Beauty

This isn't just another beauty product line. it's an innovative solution that makes caring for your scalp fun and easy. divi beauty llc has combined cutting-edge technology with innovation and luxury into a powerful product that helps grow and ensure hair growth— and that feels good, too.

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    DIVI Beauty started out as a detailed Figma design provided by the customer.

    They came to us for help improving their structure and navigation, while addressing a major rebrand with a fresh design.

    **We do not own the rights to the design. We were hired to take the design and build it on Boostrap 5.0

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    Divi Beauty LLC and their marketing team came to us with a Figma mock-up design that we replicated onto Shopify. Everything is built from scratch and customized to their needs. They have done a great job designing and mocking it up, as our job was to develop the full functionality across all their pages.

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    This included custom collections page, multiple sections on the homepage for full brand awareness, and a great PDP. They are also on the new Shopify update 2.0 which allows for further customizations and personalizations for their brand. Our custom Shopify themes are always built from the ground up using a platform called Bootstrap 5.0. It is mobile responsive and creates for a strong UI/UX design. We write clean code for every section we develop to achieve the best speed on GTMetrix and PingDom.




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