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Custom Captain

Custom Captain is your one-stop shop for merchandising your boat in all forms.

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    Custom Captain was a client who was in serious need of a makeover. They primarily needed assistance with the functionality of their PDP, which we were able to provide through a variety of input fields and "if this, then that" ways.
    They just had a few line items on their previous store, which outputted to their Airtables in a haphazard manner.

    **We do not own the rights to the design. We were hired to take the design and build it on Boostrap 5.0

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    The data Custom Captain had to work with included an audience of older men and women. For example, we knew we needed to make the swatches on the collections and homepage a little bigger for the user experience, as well as larger PDP thumbnails to make it apparent which product they were selecting.
    The goal of this store was to show a before and after of their main product, digital artwork downloads, before moving on to add-on items.

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    We developed an application programming interface (API) named Grooten for use in conjunction with client image fulfillment. Because of this, transmitting, approving, and making changes in the same format is possible.

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Custom Captain


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