Shopify Back-end Theme Developer

Job Description:

We would like to hire a back end developer who has  extensive knowledge with building back end web API’s using modern technology like nodeJS, ExpressJS, kubernetis, server less functions, must be able to pay attention to detail  and security.  Identify bugs  and resolve bugs.  Must be able to meet deadlines and clear communication  if issues  arise and deadlines to be pushed.

Would be benefit if you:
- Have experience with new Shopify 2.0 features.

Job Responsibilities:
Optimize existing features to use latest standards of HTML5, CSS3 and JS code.
Write clean and readable code.
Follow Shopify best practices.
Job description:
- Demonstrated proficiency in hand-coding HTML5 using semantic markup, and CSS3 layout/positioning.
- familiar with kubernetes
- Shopify/Liquid development experience (you’ve developed Shopify themes from scratch).
- Write well-structured (vanilla) JavaScript (ES6+).
- Take pride in clean, readable code.
- Modern web development using JavaScript.
- Modern CSS.
- Semantic HTML.
- Experience with vanilla JS.
-Experience with Python
-Experience with  MySQL
-Experience in NodeJS
-Experience in Body -Parser
-Experience in ExpressJS
-Experience in Firebase
-Experience in  kubernetes
- Shopify Liquid template language.
- Experience with APIs.
- Shopify Theme Development using Theme Kit
- Git Version Control (GitHub, GitLab).
- Strong ability to self-manage.
- Reading, writing and speaking English.