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A Custom Shopify Theme for human and pet testing


5Strands Affordable Testing


Human and pet DNA testing



Austin had a store on another platform previously called X-Cart and reached out to us because he wanted his store on Shopify's platform. We suggested to get the same layout as on his other store, and then from there, we can fine tune elements where his customers were falling off.


X-cart and Shopify work very differently and offer different plug-ins and features on both platforms. It was very important to Austin that we provided him with the features he had already but delivering in a most aesthetic and less doctor-like feel than his previous X-Cart site.

Some of the customizations we developed was a handing a huge database of "definitions" and organizing them in a way that the customers could easily access and understand while keeping the uniformity of the store clean and performing fast. Another customization feature we added onto Shopify 2.0 update was pdf downloads/ links, and videos that were specific to each product he was offering.
This was a lengthy process to organize and deliver but we were able to handle it with some heavy code in the back end which did not slow his store speed as well.


Our custom Shopify themes are always built from the ground up using a platform called Bootstrap 5.0. It is mobile responsive and creates for a strong UI/UX design. We write clean code for every section we develop to achieve the best speed on GTMetrix and PingDom.
We focus on user-ability, back-end functionality, and most importantly, store speed as having a slow Shopify store will lower conversions.

**These metrics are calculated at project launch, we cannot guarantee the integrity of project performance after it has been handed off.


This client already had a following, therefore, he was getting sales with his old theme using x-Cart. However, his conversions have increased and his average order value as well since the launch.

Complimentary Store Features...

Custom Development

We execute customized features into your theme to meet your unique business needs without the need of monthly apps.

Custom Design

We’ll deliver a professional looking website, customized for your brand while focusing on CRO.

App Configurations

We know configuring apps into new themes are hard, that is why we offer to do this! This includes Review apps.

Total Support

You will be upgraded with the newest and latest version of Shopify 2.0 with custom sections everywhere.

Trust and Speed

A beautiful and fast website does more than just help with sales, it can increase the trust of your brand.

Easily Managed

Your website should be developed in a way that you can administer most simple content changes yourself, and we will do just that. 

Responsive Design

Your website will be a responsive, with a mobile focused designed that will look fantastic on any device.

Increased Sales

Your website will be designed by a team of professionals with one goal in mind - increasing sales.