West Sound Candle Supplies

The Client already had a following, therefore, he was getting sales with his old theme. However, his conversions have increased and his average order value as well since the launch.

We strive to help our customers to grow and scale their business based on the number of years we have been in the ecommerce industry.

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    West Sound Candle Supplies is a company that sells and distributes candles supplies for all candle makers in the United States in hopes to assist and educate them along the way.

    This brand has started a warehouse for its candle products and has taken the next step to launching their online website. West Sound Candle Supplies is owned by a man who knows the candle industry like the back of his hand, from a certain candle wick for a certain vessel diameter to knowing how much "throw" a particular scent can hold and how to obtain that hold. He is the go to for all things candles and supplies.

    **We own the rights to the design and development of the site.

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    West Sound Candle Supply needed a one-stop shop for all things candle-related, therefore we designed and created the functionalities with custom pages for them.

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    West Sound Candle Supply pioneered a new way to shop for and discover things online by offering customers a tailored shopping experience that allows candle lovers to shop for any vessel, wick and wax they like in any category OR to shop for exactly what they desire.


West Sound Candle Supplies


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