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West And Willow

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    West and Willow is a well-established firm that offers individualized pet photographs to its clientele under the brand name West and Willow. We were given a mock design to work off of, and we constructed the custom build using the Bootstrap 5 framework.

    **We do not own the rights to the design but the full development of the site.

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    The West and Willow aspects couldn't have been simpler, yet despite that, we were still able to get it right while maintaining clean code. The website included a large number of moving parts, including three distinct personalized pet photos that each required a five-step procedure to complete before the customer could check out. The flow was challenging to manage since each component required careful attention in order to avoid disrupting the other activities.

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    Although West and Willow had very particular needs, we were able to successfully put up powerful landing pages with the assistance of converting our client to Shopify version 2.0. Because everything is designed inside the theme and what Shopify has to offer, the product pages do not make use of any applications.

Speed Performance

On mobile was one of the most unique features, as it involved a lot of time and effort to allow only on mobile a unique menu slider that was different than on desktop view.
On their product page, we made the fonts extra small to cater to their customer audience and greyscale the product descriptions for a cleaner UI/UX design.


West and Willow


Custom Pet Portraits