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    Sb3 Coatings and EcomGraduates have been working together to increase their online branding for an ongoing 3 years now. We truly love helping Barry and his company because not only is he a great client but he is a client that knows the car detailing industry like no one else.

    Barry knows his clientele and we knew he needed a facelift due to store fatigue, in addition, he is going to SEMA in November of 2021 which means he desperately needed a better highly converting store to showcase his products and detailing services.

    **We own the rights to the design and development of the site.

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    From the last time, we designed his store years ago, there is a multitude of improvements we made throughout his store with the help of upgrading his store to the latest Shopify 2.0, it has helped us provide custom pages and layouts for his products.
    We over-hauled his store completely with fresh graphics to entice his specific target audience while keeping his branded colors, black and red.
    Another custom added feature we developed is an in-depth map and wholesale program for his car detailing installers which took about 2 months to develop and make sure it was compatible with his new custom Shopify theme.

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    This client already had a following, therefore, he was getting sales with his old theme. However, his conversions have increased and his average order value as well since the launch.
    Barry has an incredible following in the car detailing industry, so therefore we knew he needed a facelift to his store. Since the launch of his new custom theme, he has increased conversions remarkably, due to faster load times and custom graphics.


We had our web developers down from Rhode Island today...

"We had our web developers down from Rhode Island today. Glen Pearl and Ellie Pearl both own EcomGraduates. We have been using them for almost 3 years now with SB3. It was great to finally meet them for the first time. We put together a nice stradegy for the upcoming year. Their personal touch with ecomgraduates is really great. Very exciting year ahead for us. New lead system started for our Surface Specialists, and now some crazy webstuff. Should be a great year for SB3. "


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