Roe Skincare

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    Roe Wellness is a cosmetics company that promotes the use of children's skincare products. It helps to decrease allergen penetration and water loss, as well as to protect the skin's lipid barrier and combat free radicals.

    **We do not own the rights to the design. We were hired to take the design and build it on Boostrap 5.0

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    It's a baby-themed brand with a very clean and crisp corner and a light color palette to match the baby-themed feel. Due to the fact that the product page has an accordion-style list of components that was generated from a json file, it was the most complex to design.

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    Roe Wellness' website was designed in a pleasing manner, with a gentle children's touch to encourage healthy skin.

    We are pleased to announce that we have produced a clean site that loads in one second or less. Because their primary audience is on mobile devices, the mobile view was the most critical for them.

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    On mobile was one of the most unique features, as it involved a lot of time and effort to allow only on mobile a unique menu slider that was different than on desktop view.
    On their product page, we made the fonts extra small to cater to their customer audience and greyscale the product descriptions for a cleaner UI/UX design.


Roe Wellness


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