Custom Captain is a popular brand in the boat portrait industry that offers customized, high-quality boat portraits for boat owners.

They were looking to enhance their online presence and create a website that would help them showcase their products in the best possible light. They approached our team to develop a custom Shopify theme that would help them achieve their goals.

Our team worked closely with Custom Captain to understand their vision and requirements for the website. They needed a customized design that would showcase their unique products and services, including a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. They also required a back end API to manage and track their image uploads.

Using Shopify's platform, we developed a custom theme that was tailored to Custom Captain's needs. The theme included various features to enhance the user experience, such as a product catalog that allowed customers to easily browse through the different boat portrait options. We also integrated a shopping cart and checkout system, which made it easy for customers to purchase their desired products online.

To enhance the image upload process, we developed a custom back end API that allowed Custom Captain to manage their image uploads and process orders in a timely and efficient manner. This integration streamlined their operations and allowed them to offer better service to their customers.

Overall, working with Custom Captain was a fulfilling experience. We were able to develop a custom Shopify theme that met their specific requirements and helped them achieve their business goals. The result was a user-friendly e-commerce website that offered an excellent shopping experience to their customers and helped Custom Captain establish a strong online presence in the boat portrait industry.


Custom Captain


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