Migrating & developing suits to Shopify presented a significant development challenge.

  1. Custom Suit Company: The project is for a high-end custom suit company, indicating a focus on quality and bespoke services.
  2. Challenging Task: The project was not an easy task, suggesting it required significant expertise and attention to detail.
  3. Eight Custom Forms: The system includes eight custom forms, each likely tailored to different aspects of the suit customization and ordering process.
  4. API for Customer Measurements: There's an API that pulls in customer measurements. This feature enhances user experience by automating the measurement input process, especially for returning customers.
  5. Customer Login Feature: The system recognizes when a customer is logged in, likely to provide a more personalized experience and to use saved measurements.
  6. Advanced, Separate Forms: Each form is advanced and separate, built on the Bootstrap 5 framework. This indicates a modern, responsive design approach, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different devices.
  7. Design Work by Ecomgraduates: The store was designed using Figma by Ecomgraduates, a detail that highlights the professional and planned approach to the visual and user interface aspects of the project.

This project was a sophisticated blend of technology and design, aimed at delivering a seamless and high-quality experience for customers seeking custom suits. The use of modern web technologies and design tools like Bootstrap 5 and Figma, along with the integration of an API for customer measurements, are particularly notable features that would contribute to an efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience.


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