The 5 Worst Portrait Retouching Mistakes

The 5 Worst Portrait Retouching Mistakes

Correctly retouching your portraits can bring out the best in your subject and make you seem as if you are a professional photographer. Using Photoshop, Lightroom, or other image editing tools and going overboard (or awry) with your retouching may spoil a portrait and make the person you shot doubt your abilities.


1. Overshapping

When it comes to sharpening a picture, less is more," If you're photographing portraits, there are a variety of things that may contribute to a sharper picture, including the sharpness of the lens itself, the usage of a quicker shutter speed, and whether or not you're using flash. While it is possible to obtain a reasonably crisp picture, there is no need to overshoot the mark and make it overly sharp, since this might result in some quite undesirable effects.


2. Oversaturation

Be subtle in order to avoid seeming weird.'  As someone who has a strong preference for color in my own photography, I can tell you that I used to do this much too often back in the day.

3. Blurred Skin

Please refrain from turning individuals into mannequins! This continues until there is no texture left in the skin, which is plainly too smooth and seems to be false at this point.


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