The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify

The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify

Your sales increase as a result of a better email marketing approach. Here are some of the  most effective Klaviyo flow concepts for sending emails that have a significant impact. ‌
The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify
Welcome Series

It's important to plan ahead even if the email flow seems straightforward. Customers' initial impressions of your brand's emails will be shaped by your welcome flow. Be sure you dedicate some time to crafting a series of clear, well-designed emails that emphasize your brand and include links to your social media profiles.

A new customer promo coupon or discount may be included in your welcome mailings. Customers are more likely to open your communications in the future if you make it easier for them to do so.
Abandoned Cart Series
When shopping online, shoppers might easily abandon a basket full of items. An abandoned cart flow may serve as a reminder for clients to return to your site, whether they do so on purpose or by mistake. Using Klaviyo, you can even include a snapshot of the things they left behind as a reminder of what they're missing. ‌
The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify
Browse Abandonment Series
In comparison to abandoning a cart, browsing abandonment is a kinder option. Customers who visit your site but leave without making a purchase are encouraged to do so by this email flow.

These series, as opposed to cart abandonment flows, are aimed towards encouraging visitors to the site rather than driving sales. You don't know for sure whether the customer is indeed interested in purchasing. Discount offers and free delivery may be used to increase purchases, but the idea is to refocus their attention back on your items. ‌
The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify
Cross-Sell Flow
As soon as a consumer makes their first purchase, you've started a cross-sell funnel. Using Klaviyo, you may send various cross-sell emails based on the products your customers have bought. Once they've made their initial purchase, it's preferable to wait approximately a month before contacting them again. ‌
The Best Klaviyo Flow Examples for Shopify
Back-in-Stock Automation
Customers may sign up for automatic alerts when a product is restocked if it is out of stock. As a result, you'll be able to sell more products since they'll think of you as an unique vendor. Don't send out more emails than you have inventory by not comparing it to the amount of emails you send.
Flows on Klaviyo may be used in a wide variety of ways. Email marketing solutions that allow you to discover more about your consumers may aid in the ideation and creation of the most effective email automations for e-commerce. If you want to get the most out of your email marketing service, you may experiment with various send timings, themes, and text to see what works best for you. Customers are more likely to remain engaged and expenses to be kept to a minimal when you employ software like Klaviyo.

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