How to add Cart Drawer On Dawn Shopify Theme

How to add Cart Drawer On Dawn Shopify Theme

Due to Dawn's youth, there is currently little documentation and community content. The first thing I saw was the absence of a slide out cart. Dawn has a notification drawer but no minicart. This is often a quick and straightforward operation when using the older cart API method, but I wanted to keep true to Dawn's method for generating dynamic portions and utilize as much native code as possible. So let's get started.

A slide-out cart is a good idea for an ecommerce store because it allows customers to easily view and manage the items they have added to their cart. This can help to improve the user experience by making it more convenient for customers to shop on your site. Additionally, a slide-out cart can help to reduce the number of abandoned carts, which can improve your overall sales and revenue. 

Here are 5 reason why having a slide out cart can be beneficial:

1. It can save space in your kitchen or pantry by providing extra storage without taking up additional floor space.

2. A slide out cart can make it easier to access items that are stored in the back of your cabinets or pantry, reducing the need to dig through cluttered shelves to find what you need.

3. It can help to organize your kitchen by providing a designated place for storing and organizing items like pots, pans, and small appliances.

4. A slide out cart can make it easier to move items from one part of your kitchen to another, such as when you're preparing a meal or cleaning up.

5. A slide out cart can also add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen by providing a sleek and stylish storage solution

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