Shopify has released four new free themes.

Shopify has released four new free themes.

Features and enhancements in Online Store 2.0 make it simpler to design, more versatile, and maintainable themes and theme applications. Create custom pages for your shop by dragging and dropping parts and blocks. For photos, goods, video, quotations, and more, the OS 2.0 topics include a variety of well-designed blocks. This means whatever sections  are on the homepage are now available on any other page.

The newest business trends have inspired Shopify to release four brand new themes.

1. Dawn
2. Sense
3. Craft
4. Crave



Shopify's first OS 2.0 theme, Dawn, is available free of charge. There are media-optimized product pages, an adjustable layout, and cross-selling elements across the whole site.

Included features:

Maximize your product's visibility by using huge images with clear lines and simple typography that maintain the emphasis on what really matters.
A product page that puts the focus on the media: Your clients will be able to obtain a better idea of what your items appear like and how they feel by using large media.
Customizable design and modification choices that don't need you to touch any code to get the look you want.

 Check out  how you can turn your Dawn theme  to a "premium" theme with these features 


Free Shopify theme that will be available in 2022. In order to appear and feel professional, Sense utilizes a template that was specifically created for the health and beauty sector.

Included features:

The use of smooth gradients and curved components combined with a new color palette will enliven your brand and direct customers around your business.
Improved product knowledge: Customers will be more likely to buy from you if you provide them with testimonials, videos, and in-depth explanations of your products.



Free Shopify theme that will be available in 2022. Craft's framework for the home and décor market allows for rich storytelling and a streamlined navigation experience.

Included features:

Real design: a clean, simple look that makes your information stand out via the use of wide white space and lovely typography.
Storytelling with a purpose: Use sections and templates built for intriguing tales to show off your brand and what it stands for.



Crave's food and beverage-specific template is mobile-friendly and dynamically checks out customers on their mobile devices.

Included features:

Make your brand come to life with a colorful and zany design that grabs the eye of potential customers and shows off your business's unique attitude.
For the buyer always on the move: Take advantage of mobile-friendly layouts and dynamic checkout choices to be there for your customers wherever they are.
In-depth choices for personalization: You don't have to touch a line of code to get the look and feel you want.


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