Font Awesome 6 is coming soon

Font Awesome 6 is coming soon

CSS and LESS-based Typeface Awesome is an icon and font toolkit. More than three years have passed since Font Awesome 5 was first released. Font Awesome 6 is now ready for public release, and it includes a slew of new styles, services, and features, as well as hundreds of new icons.

Notice from Font Awesome's development team: Font Awesome 6 is on the way.

They've been hard at work preparing for the next version of the software! Font Awesome 6 adds even more icons, styles, and methods to utilize Font Awesome than Font Awesome 5.

Font Awesome 6 includes even more consistently designed icons in more styles than ever before to better meet the demands and aesthetic of your projects.

Icon Revamps + Additions

Additionally, the developers have updated and reworked all of the old icons so that they look better than before. In order to ensure the thousands of icons are as aesthetically consistent, clear, and comprehensive, the team is taking a 30,000 perspective of the collection and then parachuting down with the magnifying glasses at the ready. Expect updates to your favorites, as well as new symbols to better represent subjects, categories, and interactions. Font Awesome Free will continue to get new icons, of course.

A New Thin Style

The newest icon style to join the collection is thin. It's a great addition to the existing palette of color schemes, which includes solid, normal, light, and duotone, and its airy vibe is perfect for a clean user interface. Style-wise, it may be a featherweight, but the results speak for themselves.


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