Custom Note Field on Cart Page Shopify

Custom Note Field on Cart Page Shopify

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, shoppers are looking for ways to customize their experience and make it more personal. One way to do this is by adding a field for special instructions on your cart page. This simple addition will make your store stand out among the other stores because it gives your customers a way to specify their needs. How many of us as shoppers have wished for a place where we could include a note to the seller for some reason or other? Now your shoppers can leave a note cart page because there’s a text field on the cart page.

This small change will show your customers that you care about their individual needs and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to provide them with an excellent shopping experience. In today’s competitive marketplace, anything you can do to set yourself apart from the competition is worth doing. So add a field for special instructions on your cart page today and see how it helps improve your customer satisfaction levels.


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A custom note field on your Shopify cart page can be extremely beneficial for both you and your customers. By allowing shoppers to leave notes, they can communicate any special requests they may have regarding their order.

For example, if a customer is ordering a gift, they can use the note field to indicate that it should be wrapped in special paper. Or, if a customer needs their order delivered by a certain date, they can use the note field to request express shipping. In addition to being useful for customers, the note field can also help you to optimize your cart page. By collecting information about customer needs and preferences, you can make changes to your page that will improve the shopping experience for all of your visitors.

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