SB3Coatings is a popular brand in the car detailing industry that offers a range of high-quality car products.

They wanted to create an e-commerce website that would allow them to expand their reach and offer their products to a larger audience. They approached our team to develop a custom Shopify theme that would help them achieve their goals.

Our team worked closely with SB3Coatings to understand their vision and requirements for the website. We identified the key features they needed, such as a responsive design, easy navigation, and a user-friendly interface that would facilitate online purchases. Additionally, they wanted to offer a map solution that would allow customers to find local dealers that carried their products.

Using Shopify's platform, we developed a custom theme that was tailored to SB3Coatings' needs. The theme included various features to enhance the user experience, such as a product catalog that allowed customers to browse through the different car products. We also integrated a shopping cart and checkout system, which made it easy for customers to purchase their desired products online.

For the map solution, we developed a custom integration that allowed SB3Coatings to easily manage their dealers and display their locations on a map. This made it easier for customers to find local dealers and purchase their desired products in person.

In addition to our development work, we even had the opportunity to visit SB3Coatings in person to get a better understanding of their brand and products. This allowed us to develop a custom Shopify theme that truly reflected their brand identity and values.

Overall, working with SB3Coatings was an enjoyable and productive experience. We were able to develop a custom Shopify theme that met their requirements and helped them achieve their business goals. The result was a user-friendly e-commerce website that offered an excellent shopping experience to their customers and helped SB3Coatings establish a strong online presence in the car detailing industry.

Wir hatten heute unsere Webentwickler aus Rhode Island...

„Wir hatten heute unsere Webentwickler aus Rhode Island. Glen Pearl und Ellie Pearl besitzen beide EcomGraduates . Wir verwenden sie jetzt seit fast 3 Jahren mit SB3. Es war großartig, sie endlich zum ersten Mal zu treffen schöne Strategie für das kommende Jahr. Ihr persönlicher Kontakt mit ecomgraduates ist wirklich großartig. Sehr aufregendes Jahr, das vor uns liegt. Neues Lead-System für unsere Oberflächenspezialisten gestartet, und jetzt einige verrückte Websachen. Sollte ein großartiges Jahr für SB3 werden. "




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