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Möchten Sie Ihren Online-Shop mit Ihrem Geschäft auf die nächste Stufe heben?
Holen Sie sich alle Snippets in diesem Paket!

Diese Snippets sind vollständig responsiv, sodass sie auf jedem Gerät gut aussehen. Kunden werden die Bequemlichkeit und Erfahrung all dieser hochkonvertierenden Snippets lieben, die dem Thema hinzugefügt wurden!

Fügen Sie die gewünschten Funktionen manuell mit individuellen ZIP- und Anleitungsdateien hinzu!

Zu den Ausschnitten gehören:

  • Erweiterte Ankündigungsleiste
  • Benutzerdefiniertes HTML
  • Kontrollkästchen Upselling
  • Benutzerdefinierte Flüssigkeit
  • Farbfelder
  • Akkordeon-Fußzeile
  • Warenkorb herausschieben
  • FAQ-Bereich
  • Parallaxe Medien
  • Instagram-Feed
  • Festzelt
  • Megamenü
  • Schnellansicht
  • Sticky Add-to-Warenkorb
  • Geschichten
  • Testimonial-Schieberegler
  • Wunschzettel
  • Marken-Slider
  • Auf Lager Bar
  • Animierte Schaltflächen
  • Wird oft zusammen gekauft
  • Anzahl Pausen
  • Referenzen
  • Animierte ATC-Schaltfläche
  • Bestandskennzeichen
  • Super Cart Schublade (dawn 6 und höher)
  • Vorher-Nachher-Schieberegler

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This feature works on Dawn theme- If you have purchased any other theme, especially themes by themeforest. This may not work and we do not provide support on any other theme but dawn as it has been confirmed.
**Note snippets are purchased as is
Only one snippet may be used per Shopify store. 

We're aware that there are less expensive ways to add our snippets to your Shopify store, but none that offer the same degree of customization and robust functionality that we do :)

Hiring a designer and/or developer to build up a custom area of your site would need more time and money than it's worth. You'll have a ton of freedom with our sections, and it's easy to set up—all for a flat rate with no hidden fees or recurring expenses. It will save you money in the long term.

After making the payment, you will be emailed a ZIP file containing the sections, assets, or snippet files as well as a link to our settings handbook.

Theme snippets  configuration

Frequently Bought Together

Complete your Dawn Theme with the following snippets.

Advanced Announcement Bar

Age Verification Check

Sticky Video

Promo Slider

custom HTML & Liquid

Dawn 7 Megamenu 

Dawn 7  Wishlist Feature

Upsell checkbox


Accordion Footer

Cart Slide Out

FAQ section

Parallax Media

Animated Stories


Instagram Feed

Sticky ATC

Testimonial slider

Brands Slider

Stock Bar  Indicator

Animated Buttons

Frequently Bought Together

Qty Breaks


Super Cart Drawer ( dawn 6 and higher) 

Before and After Slider 

PDF Invoice Generator

Sales Popup

Custom Line Item Properties


Code snippets on Shopify are bits of code that improve the functionality of your theme in some manner (like Shopify Apps). The installation of them does not call for any specific technical expertise, and in-depth instructions are included in the package. The primary benefit is that they load quicker than applications, and there are no monthly costs associated with using them.

We take pride in our work!
Please take a look at our portfolio if you are curious to have more work done besides using one of the free themes.

100% safe. We place a high priority on maintaining your confidentiality and safety. When you make a purchase in our store, you will be routed to a secure payment platform for the checkout process, where you will have the option to pay using either PayPal or a credit or debit card.

Yes we can certainly help you! That is what we do best, build out custom themes on Boostrap 5 framework and backend- API's.
Please contact us if you would likle a custom theme.

Yes! we can help you install it as long as you place the order with your myshopify url, we will send over a store access request and finish the process.

Yes, the snippets are sold as is, however we do have updates which you will recieve in your email!

We do not allow the same snippet on multiple stores. Please respect the work we have dedicated to make these amazing snippets for you to better enhance your store and increase conversions!

Is your Shopify business in need of some code assistance?

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