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    For Chris, we  took it upon ourselves  to develop swatches in a processional and inviting  way to his customers. This way, the client can see the  swatch variant and not just the colors  like on normal stores.  We updated his images assets and removed gifs but instead creating bright and full graphics  that all still captive  his unique audience all  under an open source library we use for all of our custom themes to ensure a fully optimized  lightening speed website for increased conversions. 

    **We own the rights to the design and development of the site on a new language platform.

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    One of the most crucial elements  the client wanted was swatches neatly displayed on the homepage and collection page for legibility for the customer  and upgrading to the newest version of Shopify 2.0 with sections everywhere. 

    In addition,  speed was a huge factor as well since he has a lot of videos and gifs from his previous store design.  

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    Our custom Shopify themes are always built from the ground up using a platform called Bootstrap 5.0. It is mobile responsive and creates for a strong UI/UX design. We write clean code for every section we develop to achieve the best speed on GTMetrix and PingDom.

    **These metrics are calculated at project launch, we cannot guarantee the integrity of project performance after it has been handed off.




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