Wherever your navigation comprises three tiers of links, EG Smartshop will construct a multi-column "mega-menu" dropdown for you.

Each third level of navigation will be divided into a separate column of links. The menu below, for example, produces the layout above:

To add some visual impact, the navigation for megamenu must be the second nested link.

Next, you will go into your pages, and "create page".

Inside the page, copy and paste this template to use for all megamenu pages by clicking "show editor"
The title has to start with "megamenu - ..." ( This will not display on your live store") .

Grab the URL handle only be scrolling to the very bottom of the page . Copy and paste this into the same navigation you assign the megamenu.

Paste the text you copied from the page URL handle into the navigation and there, assign the page with the megamenu that matches the title.