Bio Hacker Cafe

Bio Hacker Cafe is a well-known coffee shop that serves strong coffee to its customers. The coffee is Peruvian organic and flavored with the best grade L-Theanine.

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    Another firm suggested we create a one-page landing page that looked just like the Figma mockup. This design is lovely, and it includes anchor text to the relevant elements of the landing page.

    **We do not own the rights to the design. We were hired to take the design and build it on Boostrap 5.0

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    The aspects were complex, but we were able to complete them while keeping clean code in mind. This business has a lot of moving components, with three separate custom fonts to pull, different design accordions, and picture edge to edge that we were able to accommodate to most devices with media quarries.

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    Aside from the design, we connected Recharge to the single product and enabled discounts on the slide out basket. They also feature a strong account page for their customers, as well as well-designed comparative tables in one of the parts. We were extremely glad to have developed the landing page because the store is gorgeous and well-thought-out.

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    On mobile was one of the most unique features, as it involved a lot of time and effort to allow only on mobile a unique menu slider that was different than on desktop view.
    On their product page, we made the fonts extra small to cater to their customer audience and greyscale the product descriptions for a cleaner UI/UX design.


Bio Hacker Cafe


Peruvian Coffee