Shopify released Online Store 2.0 on June 29th, a combination of enhancements and upgrades that make themes and theme apps easier to create, more versatile, and manageable. Our theme  are  upgraded to fully support the new capabilities of Online Store 2.0.

v1. - Feb 1, 2022
Completion of theme
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Infinite Scroll

When you give the largest source photos possible,  EG BigStore will appear its best. The theme will load at the appropriate size for the situation, ensuring that your website loads as rapidly as possible. For faster loading times, we recommend JPG files over PNG files.

To get started, our theme includes a default product template as well as a variety of preconfigured product templates. If you don't specify an additional template, resources will use this default template.

Any modifications you make to a template will be reflected in all products that use it. You can develop a new template and give it to those items to use if you wish to display some product content differently, with their own unique information.

The Shopify Product Feedback app is an excellent method to incorporate client reviews into your items.

To make a block with the review stars or the review form:

➡Go to Online Store > Themes in your Shopify admin.

➡Click Customize when you've found the theme you want to change.

➡Navigate to the page and section where the review and review form block will be placed.

➡Add a block by clicking the Add button.

➡Select the Reviews app block from the drop-down menu in the Apps section.
Optional: Place the Reviews block in the part where you want it.

➡Click Save


We recommend.mp4 videos for expert users who are comfortable exporting video and altering quality settings for complete control over quality and performance.


YouTube is a free video hosting site with the simplest setup approach for EG SmartShop. Create an account, upload an unlisted video in any format supported by YouTube, and utilize the YouTube link in any video-enabled area.

YouTube has restricted their API, deleting small functionalities that enable your video names to show momentarily at the beginning. As a result, we now recommend MP4 videos for the most smooth experience for the theme.

There are several parts in our theme that allow videos, and the majority of them play automatically when the page loads. There are a few limitations to keep in mind:

While muted videos can be autoplayed on many mobile devices, they will not autoplay if the device is in low battery mode. This is usually due to the iOS power conservation setting or a sluggish connection. Sometimes the cause is unknown, but the phone determines that it cannot autoplay videos. This isn't something we can avoid, so our system detects it and displays the video's play button, allowing people to engage and watch the movie if they choose.

Some devices might not support videos playing inline or behind other components. Instead, they go into full screen mode when you click to play them. This was true for many previous iOS devices, however they have since abandoned that feature. If you're still seeing this, our theme can't help you because it's a phone-specific feature.

Optimizing your online store speed may enhance your consumers' purchasing experience, make your site more discoverable, and boost conversion. Several variables influence the speed of your online business, including the following:


➡Libraries and services from other parties

➡Analytical databases

➡Theme characteristics

➡The quantity of photographs and videos, as well as their size

When you examine the results of your test, remember that there will always be a trade-off between making sure your site is quick and providing the features and information that make your items appealing to potential buyers.

Video and GIF files are substantially bigger and take longer to load than photos. Traditional photography can't compete with videos when it comes to conveying vibrant information about your goods.

If you sell a difficult or feature-rich product, it may be worth it to maintain videos on your product pages, even if they slow down loading speeds significantly.

While we prefer higher-quality quick experiences over more simple yet highly fast experiences, we are always refining our performance approaches and will continue to produce new versions with even faster speeds .Our theme was created with a balance of quality and performance in mind

Our theme maintains a minimum amount of JavaScript in Eg BigStore to ensure maximum and optimal load speeds.

Here are some of the benefits of using EG BigStore, in addition to other optimizations:

➡All photos, background images, and video material are lazyloaded. Our fast view balances speed vs. responsiveness by preloading content and lazyloading the cart form and images.

➡We developed on-page collection filtering

➡On-page collection switching through subcollections


You can view our how to videos on our YouTube page.

You may remove the "Powered by Shopify" link from your footer by modifying your theme code, going to the Sections folder, opening footer.liquid, and eliminating this line, which is on lines 111-113

When you enable the color swatch settings in EG BigStore,  The theme will automatically search for any variation category with the name "Color." and pull in the color for that product. 

Wherever your navigation comprises three tiers of links, EG BigStore will automatically construct a multi-column "mega-menu" dropdown for you. View how to set up the megamenu.

Please click here to view how to add a carousel section to your homepage along with the robust settings.

Please click here how to add featured products to your homepage. Featured products will display the featured products based by a set collection.