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West Sound Candle Supplies is a company that sells and distributes candles supplies for all candle makers in the United States in hopes to assist and educate them along the way. This brand has started a warehouse for its candle products and has taken the next step to launching their online website. West Sound Candle Supplies is owned by a man who knows the candle industry like the back of his hand, from a certain candle wick for a certain vessel diameter to knowing how much "throw" a particular scent can hold and how to obtain that hold. He is the go to for all things candles and supplies.


West Sound Candle Supply came to us for a custom theme catered to selling candle supplies and was using one of Shopify's free themes, supply theme. In order for us to help, we did a full re-hual of his old store and brought it to life with customizations on the homepage, collection pages and specifically product page. On the homepage, we wanted to lay out a story telling feel to his candle customers when they landed on the page. The banner is inviting and displays his own branded candles. Then we thought to display his best collections to eliminate the need to scroll til reaching the best sellers.

Because our client has an incredible following of over 100k on his Facebook, we thought displaying his achievements and attaching a library of his YouTube videos would be a great way to show what his knowledge and expertise.
He has some great custom product page templates that are unique to the products and therefor can fully customize and promote certain aspects of that product. One his LCS products, he has vessel diameters and featured in his accordion tabs which was done all through Shopify's 2.0 update. On an HTP wick product page, there is a helpful accordion tab which has a YouTube video attached that is displayed only for those wicks.

We do this because we believe that a fully custom store helps with building out your brand, separating yourself from the competition and really helping your customers see what you are about.


Our custom Shopify themes are always built from the ground up using a platform called Bootstrap 5.0. It is mobile responsive and creates for a strong UI/UX design. We write clean code for every section we develop to achieve the best speed on GTMetrix and PingDom.
West Sound Candle Supplies loads in less than a second with Javascript and CSS minified and other tactics we use to decrease the load times.


This client already had a following, therefore, he was getting sales with his old theme. However, his conversions have increased and his average order value as well since the launch. We strive to help our customers to grow and scale their business based on the number of years we have been in the ecommerce industry.




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